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Kellogg’s Offering Pop-Tart “Pizza” & “Tacos” This Week At NYC Cafe

Kellogg’s Offering Pop-Tart “Pizza” & “Tacos” This Week At NYC Cafe

It’s the stunt restaurant that can’t stop stuntin’: Kellogg’s all-day cereal cafe in New York City is offering a menu filled with Pop-Tart stunt foods, including “pizza,” “tacos,” and “fries” — all made with the breakfast pastry. [More]

Mmm, crunchy. (KOB News)

Applebee’s Customer Says She Got A Free Metal Bolt With Her Hamburger

Getting an unexpected add-on to your food order might be nice if say, you’re getting free extra cheese. But I’m going to go ahead and say no one would appreciate a metal bolt in their burger, like one Applebee’s customer is claiming after a recent visit. Too crunchy. [More]