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NYC’s Sugary Soda Frankenban Will Live On In Appeals Court Next Year

New York City’s anti-soda Mayor Michael Bloomberg might not be in office come 2014, but his slain ban on large, sugary drinks will rise from the dead next year in the New York State Court of Appeals. City officials asked the court to challenge the State Supreme Court’s decision that killed the measure in August. [More]


NYC May Eventually Require Residents To Compost Food Scraps In Citywide Program

Are you gonna eat that? No? Mind if it just stick in this here bucket, let it sit for a bit and then dump it on my garden? That’s what we call composting (in a nut shell) and it’s been on the mind of New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg lately. His administration tested out a pilot program recently and is now looking at requiring all city dwellers to take part eventually. [More]


If You Can’t Find Cigarettes In NYC Soon It’ll Be Because Mayor Bloomberg Hid Them

Just like Chumbawamba, when New York City Mayor Bloomberg gets knocked down, he gets up again. Not one to let that pesky judge’s ruling that his ban on large sugary drinks was invalid bug him, Bloomie’s got his sights retrained on anti-smoking efforts. His plan? Just hide all the cigarettes. [More]


Judge Cans Bloomberg’s Large Sugary Drinks Ban, Calling It “Arbitrary And Capricious”

Just today we heard about Starbucks shrugging off NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks, and it appears they were justified in waiting to change their menus: A judge in New York tossed out Bloomberg’s ban one day before it was supposed to take effect, calling it “fraught with arbitrary and capricious” consequences. [More]

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Starbucks’ Decision Not To Change Menu Flies In The Face Of Bloomberg’s Sugary Drinks Ban

UPDATE: Looks like Starbucks knew what it was doing — since we published this story earlier today, a New york judge has ruled that Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on large sugary drinks is invalid. [More]


Report: NYC’s Soda Police To Roam Restaurants Armed With Measuring Cup

The candles flicker softly against a checkered tablecloth as you gaze lovingly into your date’s eyes. “Could I have a large Coke, please?” you ask the hovering waiter. Suddenly a soda cop bursts onto the scene armed with a 17-ounce cup just to make sure you’re not getting more than 16 ounces of sugary soda. [More]


NYC Baristas Facing A Tangled Web Of Rules Balancing Sugar, Calorie & Milk

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg will have the satisfaction of his ban on large sugary drinks going into effect next Tuesday, and for some businesses it’ll be pretty easy: Don’t serve big sodas. There’s a potential headache coming on for baristas and coffee shop workers however, and it’s all because of a complicated tangle of milk, calories and sugar ratios included in the new rules. Better start taking notes. [More]


Mayor Bloomberg To Announce Styrofoam Ban As Part Of Green Push For NYC

We all saw it coming and now it’s happening — New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is going to announce an official ban on styrofoam containers in his State of the City address today. Just to clarify once again, uppercase Styrofam is a trademarked product used in insulation, while what we all know as styrofoam is really extruded polystyrene. Moving on! [More]

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NYC Mayor Doesn’t Want You Sipping Your Downsized Sugary Drinks Out Of Styrofoam Cups

Better watch out, New Yorkers — you could be just standing on the corner, contemplating moving into a micro apartment, sipping a ginormous soda out of a styrofoam* container when KERBANG! Mayor Bloomberg’s gonna come up and smack that thing right outta your hand. Yes, we’re being dramatic. But after downsizing sugary drinks, Bloomberg’s next crusade could be banning styrofoam cups and containers used to hold food. [More]


NYC Unveils Newest In Teeny Tiny Living With Winning Micro-Unit Apartment Design

Just a few months ago, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg put out a request to designers to try and figure out how to shrink down an apartment to its legally smallest size for a new “micro-unit” building, and now the winning design has been chosen in all its teeny tiny glory. It’ll be perfect for anyone sipping a small soda on their cute little couch, see? [More]

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NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg Blames Uptick In Crime On Thieves Coveting All Those iPhones

At any given moment, the streets of New York City are like a veritable sea, teeming with fish (people) tempting thieves with their pockets full of shiny, new electronic gadgets. And that preponderance of highly-coveted technology, including Apple’s popular iPhones and iPads, is why the city’s major crime rate has risen this year, says NYC’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [More]

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NYC’s Bloomberg Announces Plan To Ration Gas Using Odd-Even License Plate Numbers

Oh, Bloomie! You and your harebrained schemes! Where do we start with this one… New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced this afternoon that his office is instituting an interesting plan for rationing gas in the city, in order to deal with fuel shortages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Judging from the “Wha huh but huh?” responses we’re seeing on Twitter thus far, there’s bound to be some confusion. [More]