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Report: Pro Athletes Are Mostly Shilling Junk Food To Kids

One of the perks of being a professional athlete is that you get paid the big bucks to endorse products, based on the premise that your fans will buy anything you put your name on. But one report says those lucrative endorsement deals are often tied to unhealthy foods marketed toward kids. [More]

Back and bigger than ever.

Free Slurpee Day Spat Leads To Free Slurpee On 7-Eleven Employee’s Head

Yesterday’s Free Slurpee Day celebrations weren’t all sweetness and light. A dispute between a customer and 7-Eleven employee at a Vancouver, WA, store ended with a pile of cold, slushy sugar on the employee’s head and the police being called. Here’s hoping that next year’s July 11 can come and go without such incidents. [via KPTV] [More]


NYC Baristas Facing A Tangled Web Of Rules Balancing Sugar, Calorie & Milk

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg will have the satisfaction of his ban on large sugary drinks going into effect next Tuesday, and for some businesses it’ll be pretty easy: Don’t serve big sodas. There’s a potential headache coming on for baristas and coffee shop workers however, and it’s all because of a complicated tangle of milk, calories and sugar ratios included in the new rules. Better start taking notes. [More]

Boston Jumping On Anti-Soda Ban-Wagon

Boston Jumping On Anti-Soda Ban-Wagon

Life may soon be a little less sweet for city employees in Boston, as officials consider the idea of curbing — or even completely cutting — sales of sugary drinks on city-owned property. [More]