Sales Of $100 Million Homes Are Way Up

The housing market simply can’t keep up with the demand from a very specific part of the market…people who seek houses worth $100 million or more. Sales of houses with nine-figure price tags have reached an all-time high of…well, five of them sold last year, but there are many more on the market or being sold away from the general real estate market, and the fabulous-homes-for-billionaires market will just keep growing. [More]

This Rotting Mansion Kind Of Represents The American Dream

This Rotting Mansion Kind Of Represents The American Dream

In a rural area in Maryland, reader MrStinkhead came across something that’s not so unusual: a mansion in the middle of a swath of farmland. What makes it unusual is that construction stopped partway through, sometime in 2010, and the building has been left exposed to the elements since. We don’t have any more details than that, which makes it nicely mysterious.


Bernie Madoff's Beach House Sells For $8.75 Million

Bernie Madoff's Beach House Sells For $8.75 Million

An unidentified person has offered $8.75 million cash–more than the asking price–for Bernie Madoff’s beachfront home in Long Island. Bidders made sealed offers for the property, and the realtors say they won’t reveal any more details until after the deal closes. The house is supposedly very fancy, but if we lived there we’d just tear it up looking for hidden piles of cash. This is why we can never have anything nice.