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Hulu Launches $40/Month Live TV Service

Hulu Launches $40/Month Live TV Service

After months of rumors and the slow trickle of details, the day has finally come: Hulu launched its live-TV streaming service, aptly named “Hulu with Live TV.”  [More]

Amazon Debuts Its First Home-Shopping Live Show Tonight

Amazon Debuts Its First Home-Shopping Live Show Tonight

Do you like the ability to buy almost anything instantly online but long for the pre-Internet home-shopping glory days when loud-talking, brightly outfitted semi-celebrities pushed products on live TV? Then maybe you’ll want to tune in to tonight’s debut of Amazon’s first live TV show. [More]

Amazon's current video offerings contain a mix of original and broadcast programing for streaming and download.

Amazon Reportedly In Talks To Create Live Pay-TV Service

Amazon already offers users a variety of ways to get on-demand television programing: Amazon Prime Video allows Prime subscription members the ability to download or stream a number of shows and movies for free. Now, the company is reportedly in talks to expand its video offerings with a live online pay-TV service. [More]