Amazon Debuts Its First Home-Shopping Live Show Tonight

Do you like the ability to buy almost anything instantly online but long for the pre-Internet home-shopping glory days when loud-talking, brightly outfitted semi-celebrities pushed products on live TV? Then maybe you’ll want to tune in to tonight’s debut of Amazon’s first live TV show.
Dubbed Style Code Live,  the new daily fashion and beauty show will air online weekdays at 9 p.m. ET.

 Variety reports that the show won’t have any advertising, but viewers can purchase products discussed on the show from a gallery displayed below the media player.

The live show format allows the company to provide interactive elements, such as live chats between viewers and the hosts.

“Style Code Live gives viewers a first-of-its-kind daily style and entertainment experience. We’re live, interactive, and covering the latest trends in fashion and beauty each weeknight—with guest experts, celebrities, and viewer tips,” Terrence Noonan, executive producer, tells Variety. “We are building a community and are super excited for our viewers to be part of it.”

Amazon to Launch Its First Live Show [Variety]

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