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London Kicks Uber Out Over Concerns About Safety & Sneaky Software

After years of offering rides in London, Uber is being told to exit the British metropolis after the city’s transport regulator denied Uber’s license renewal over concerns about public safety and the company’s use of sneaky software to avoid detection by the authorities. [More]

Photographer Sues Forever 21, Urban Outfitters Over Tupac T-Shirt

Photographer Sues Forever 21, Urban Outfitters Over Tupac T-Shirt

Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are not strangers to lawsuits claiming they’ve stolen designs or elements of designs from others in order to make sales: from textile designs to ornaments. Now, the two retailers are facing a lawsuit together, after a celebrity photographer claimed the companies illegally used photographs he took of Tupac Shakur on T-shirts. [More]

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Drone Operators Could Outnumber Private Aviation Pilots In Just One Year

Two months after the Federal Aviation Administration released regulations governing the use of drones, thousands of would-be pilots have lined up to take the test to get licensed to fly on the first day it became available. The rush to fly the unmanned aircraft isn’t just for the novelty, it’s opening the door for new business possibilities for companies and entrepreneurs alike.   [More]

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Virgin Galactic Receives License To Test Space Plane

Weeks after Virgin Galactic said it would resume ground tests of its commercial spacecraft designed to take tourists into space, the company officially received the green light from the Federal Aviation Administration in the way of a license allowing it to conduct test flights. [More]

Tesla Applied For A Dealership License In Michigan

Tesla Applied For A Dealership License In Michigan

Michigan residents keen on purchasing a Tesla may no longer have to travel to Chicago, Ohio, Indiana, or Canada: Tesla has applied for dealership licenses to sell and service its electric vehicles in the state nearly two years after legislators passed laws banning the company’s direct-to-customer sales model.  [More]

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Carnival Cruise Ship Sailing Toward Cuba Next Spring

If visiting the Dominican Republic on Carnival’s latest Fathom cruise line for a few days of volunteer work didn’t seem like the right fit for you, there’s now another island option: Cuba. [More]

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Can’t Pay Your Student Loans? In Some States It Might Cost You Your License To Drive Or Work

In addition to causing irreparable damage to their credit scores, student loan borrowers who default on their debts face a much more devastating and counter-intuitive danger: the lost of their driver’s or occupation licenses, including those used by nurses, doctors, teachers and emergency personnel [More]

This "License Only” Version Of Office Is Packed Very Efficiently

This "License Only” Version Of Office Is Packed Very Efficiently

Today’s episode of everyone’s favorite post “Stupid Shipping Gang” is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Newegg was concerned about Rob’s software license (Just a license. No discs.) being damaged so they shipped it in a box. With packing peanuts.

Amazon Unboxed Is Also Unhinged

Amazon Unboxed Is Also Unhinged

Those copyfighters over at BoingBoing have uncovered some tasty tidbits in the user agreement of Amazon’s new Video-on-Demand service. The gist?