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Pfizer To Pay $486M To Settle Lawsuit Over Celebrex, Bextra

Pharma giant Pfizer has agreed to pay $486 million to close the books on a decade-long class-action securities lawsuit related to two of the company’s pain relievers, Celebrex and Bextra. [More]

Mr Seb

Lawsuit Seeks To Overturn Controversial Copyright Law Provisions

For nearly two decades, provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act have made it illegal in many cases for people to circumvent copyright protections on things like CDs, DVDs, e-books, and MP3s, even when the intended use of this data may be protected by law. A new lawsuit filed today by the Electronic Frontier Foundation argues that these aspects of the DMCA don’t stand up to legal scrutiny. [More]

Alleged Mastermind Of Largest BitTorrent Site Arrested

Alleged Mastermind Of Largest BitTorrent Site Arrested

Nearly two years after authorities took popular pirating site The Pirate Bay down, federal authorities say they have arrested the mastermind behind another BitTorrent distribution site, Kickass Torrents.  [More]

Former Corinthian College Students Sue To Have Private Loans Discharged

Former Corinthian College Students Sue To Have Private Loans Discharged

As the Department of Education is working to wipe away millions of dollars in federal loans owed by former students of now-defunct Corinthian College Inc. schools, some former students continue to receive monthly bills for private loans they took out in order to attend the for-profit colleges. Now one former Corinthian student has filed a federal class action against the financial firms that currently hold the private student loans. [More]

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Visa Sues Walmart In Response To Lawsuit Over Security Of Debit Card Authorizations

Last month, Walmart sued Visa, accusing the card network of pushing the retailer to use a less-secure method of verifying debit card transactions. Now Visa is firing back with a lawsuit of its own, claiming the nation’s largest retailer is violating its contract by setting up payment terminals so that they can only accept the more secure form of validation.  [More]

Mike Mozart

Chevy Cruze Owners Sue Carmaker Over Alleged Use Of Emissions “Defeat Device”

A week after General Motors was hit with a potential class action lawsuit related to the carmakers admission that it had incorrectly calculated the fuel economy on several SUV models, the company’s Chevrolet division is facing a second lawsuit alleging it tricked consumers into paying more for diesel-engine Chevy Cruze Turbo sedans equipped with emissions-cheating software.   [More]

Adam Fagen

Apple To Begin Issuing Refunds In E-Book Settlement Case June 22

Three months after the Supreme Court left Apple on the hook for $450 million in the settlement of a 2012 antitrust case against the company and five major book publishers, the tech giant is poised to begin handing out payments to customers starting tomorrow.  [More]

Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Will Live On

Star Trek Fan Film Lawsuit Will Live On

While the makers of the crowdfunded Star Trek fan fiction film Axanar had once hoped to reach a settlement with Paramount and CBS over a lawsuit accusing the filmmakers of copyright infringement, the much discussed lawsuit will live to see another day, as the two companies told a California federal judge this week that their action remains pending.  [More]


Lawsuit Claims GM Exaggerated Fuel Mileage On Some SUVs For Seven Years

General Motors announced last month that it would provide compensation to owners of their models of SUVs after admitting it had incorrectly calculated the fuel economy on the vehicles. But that apparently isn’t enough for some GM owners who have filed a potential class action against the carmaker.  [More]

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Minneapolis Man Sues TSA For $500 Over Missed Flight

For the better part of the spring, airlines, airports, and federal regulators have received the ire of consumers who say they have waited in endless security checkpoints. The back and forth between these groups and travelers has now reached another level: litigation, as one passenger has filed a federal lawsuit seeking to recoup the cost of a ticket for a flight he missed due to excessive wait times at security.  [More]


Yelp Ordered To Remove Allegedly Defamatory Reviews Of Law Firm

Two years after a California lawyer won a default judgment against a former client accused of posting defamatory reviews of the law firm on Yelp, those reviews remained online. However, this week a California appeals court ruled that Yelp must finally remove these reviews.  [More]

Former Old Country Buffet Employees Sue Company After Abrupt Closures

Former Old Country Buffet Employees Sue Company After Abrupt Closures

Earlier this year, the owner of Hometown Buffet, Ryan’s Buffet, Fire Mountain, and Old Country Buffet abruptly closed ore than 160 restaurants without giving any advance notice to employees and then filed for bankruptcy — but not before hiring auctioneers to sell anything in the restaurants that wasn’t leased or nailed down. Now, a group of former employees have filed a lawsuit seeking class-action status against Food Management Partners, the company that once ran the buffet restaurants, for not giving them a heads up as required by federal law.  [More]

Feds Sue Gold, Silver Investment Company That Allegedly Bilked Millions From Retirees

Feds Sue Gold, Silver Investment Company That Allegedly Bilked Millions From Retirees

Buying gold and silver is in many ways no different than anything else: You pay your money and expect to get what you paid for within a reasonable amount of time. Unlike most other products, when that gold and silver never arrives, you could be out thousands of dollars.

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Amazon Goes After Third-Party Sellers For Buying, Creating Fake Reviews

Months after filing several lawsuits to block companies from selling fraudulent positive reviews on its site, Amazon is now turning its focus to those that purchase the fake reviews, taking action against one company and two individuals who sell on the e-commerce site.  [More]

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Supreme Court: Sprint Must Face $300M Lawsuit Over Uncollected Sales Tax

Four years after New York sued Sprint for allegedly failing to collect more than $100 million in sales tax in the state, the U.S. Supreme Court has shot down the wireless carrier’s effort to avoid liability. [More]

Blue Caribou Cafe

Michigan Cafe To Change Name After Caribou Coffee Wins Trademark Lawsuit

Several years ago a small New Hampshire coffee roaster won a legal victory (twice) against coffee giant Starbucks over its name “Charbucks.” Things didn’t go so well for a Michigan cafe that must retire its name “Blue Caribou Cafe” after losing a trademark lawsuit filed by Caribou Coffee.  [More]

Altria Sues FDA To Keep “Black & Mild” Name

Altria Sues FDA To Keep “Black & Mild” Name

Earlier this month, the Food & Drug Administration expanded its oversight of tobacco products, effectively banning the use of “mild” to describe cigars. That’s a problem for Altria Group, which makes the Black & Mild brand, and so the tobacco behemoth has sued the federal government to keep using the name. [More]