John Kittelsrud

3 Reasons Your Applause Might Not Matter To Pilots

There’s nothing better for a timid flyer than to land safety at their destination after a bumpy, turbulence-filled flight. But before you press those hands together in an exuberant clap, you might want to reconsider. Turns out, some pilots don’t like to receive rousing applause. [More]

Andrew W. Sieber

American Airlines Co-Pilot Dies After Medical Emergency During Landing

The co-pilot of an American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Albuquerque experienced a medical issue during landing and died shortly after reaching the gate. [More]


FBI: American Airlines Flight Attendant Deliberately Set, Put Out Fire In Plane’s Bathroom

Federal law enforcement officers have arrested an American Airlines flight attendant accusing him of deliberately starting a fire in the plane’s lavatory, and then extinguishing it himself in a supposedly heroic action.  [More]


Regulators Open Investigation Into American Airlines Flight’s Rough Landing Because Of Wind Shear

Federal regulators will investigate an incident in which an American Airlines flight collided with approach lights at the Charlotte Douglas Airport in North Carolina while attempting to land during a sudden change in wind patterns on Saturday. While dramatic shifts in wind are exceedingly rare when it comes to affecting an aircraft’s landing, it turns out the incident last week is the second in less than two months for the carrier. [More]