For a $1,000 you and your sweetheart can buy this lot in Newark, NJ, on Valentine's Day.

Newark Selling Vacant Lots To Couples For $1,000 This Valentine’s Day… But Then You Have To Build A House

Forget the flowers and chocolates this Valentine’s Day. One New Jersey city thinks it knows what your sweetheart wants: a plot of land. [More]


Man Decides To Make His Own Kingdom So His Daughter Can Be A Princess

The only way to make getting your kid a pony seem like a yawnable event? Claiming a swath of land as your own kingdom, thereby turning your offspring into royalty. And heck, once you’re a princess, the ponies will come to you. [More]

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Woman Could Lose Home She’s Lived In For 55 Years Because Of A Bureaucratic Mistake

A blind woman in Indiana living on a limited income says if the land her house is on is taken out from underneath her, she’ll have nowhere to go. But despite the fact that she’s lived in the home for 55 years, she’s facing eviction because no one realized the land had been sold off years ago. Ah, bureaucracy. [More]

Biodegradable Coffins, "Composting At Its Best"

Biodegradable Coffins, "Composting At Its Best"

Biodegradable coffins allow you to rest in peace without putting a permanent dent in the planet or your wallet.

Cremation: The Cheap And Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Burial

Cremation: The Cheap And Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Burial

Cremation is catching fire as Americans look for low-cost, low-resource alternatives to burial. Cremation often costs half as much as traditional funerals – $4,000 instead of $8,000 – and does not require wood or land space. This combination is putting the heat on traditional funeral homes.

In theory, death care should be immune from short-term economic swings. Death is one of only two sure things in life, and the U.S. population is aging.