PepsiCo Announces Purchase Of Kombucha Company KeVita

For the second time today, a giant soda company has announced an acquisition of a smaller company that makes drinks that are a lot less sugary. Earlier today, it was Dr Pepper Snapple spending $1.7 billion on flavored water maker Bai Brands. Now comes news that PepsiCo is acquiring KeVita, a brand known for its kombucha offerings. [More]

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Kombucha Makers Pushing Government Regulators For New Alcohol Content Tests

Whether you enjoy drinking fermented beverages or you think your friends are crazy for guzzling something that smells sort of like vinegar and dirt, you’re probably aware that kombucha tea is pretty popular these days. You also might know that the drinks contain a low level of alcohol, which means makers have to include a special note on their label indicating as much. Kombucha companies are now trying to convince the government to adopt new alcohol content tests, claiming that the current system spurs fines and enforcement actions from regulators needlessly. [More]