If You Were Ever A Teenage Boy, You Know This Amazon Review For Tissues Speaks The Truth

Ah, satire. You might not be the honest to goodness truth when it comes down to it, but at the same time you are often more honest than the alternative. To wit: A review for Kleenex Facial Tissues entitled “A Mother’s Struggle” might be written by an actual mother of three teenage boys, but it will cut you to the quick with its realness. [More]

30 Tissues Disappear From Redesigned Kleenex Box At Costco

30 Tissues Disappear From Redesigned Kleenex Box At Costco

As we all know, Costco is the place to get the hottest deals on huge quantities of consumer goods. For example, you can buy a box of Kleenex tissues that contains 260 pieces. Which isn’t a very big quantity, come to think of it…but now it’s shrinking. [More]

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Call It Desheeting Or Bulking Up: Any Way You Wipe It, It’s Less Toilet Paper At The Same Price

Regular readers of Consumerist are familiar with what we call the Grocery Shrink Ray, that phenomenon wherein an item sold at X price at a retailer shrinks in size but still costs X amount. In the toilet paper and tissue industry it’s called “desheeting”  or even “bulking up” instead but essentially means the same thing: less product, same price, which means more money for the item’s makers. [More]

Delicious Kleenex On Sale

Delicious Kleenex On Sale

Starbucks Soon To Equal Coffee?

Starbucks Soon To Equal Coffee?

Over at Branding Post, we saw this quote about a grim dystopian future in which the word coffee no longer exists: when you pendulously breasted IHOP waitress emerges in a puff of brown cigarette smoke from the kitchens to demand your order, you won’t ask for a cup of coffee. You’ll ask for a Starbucks.