Direct Flights From Kenya Means Direct Shipments From Flower Farms

Until now, airlines couldn’t have direct flights from Kenya to the United States: Travelers had to change planes in a third country because Kenya’s biggest airport didn’t meet the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s safety and security standards to send planes here directly. Now non-stop flights are beginning, and that means direct shipments of fresh vegetables and flowers. [More]


6 Months Later, No One Knows Why My Ticket Home From Nairobi Was Canceled

When traveling, sometimes you wish you could stay in your destination forever… or at least for another week to enjoy it more. A woman from Pennsylvania extended her trip to Kenya last year by an extra week, but not because she was having such a wonderful time. Her return tickets had been mysteriously canceled, and no one could tell her why it had happened. [More]

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Kenya Is Now The World’s 4th Largest Flower Grower

If you give or receive any flowers this Valentine’s Day, they were most likely imported from somewhere with a much warmer climate and lower wages than the United States. On Valentine’s Day, when tradition demands that massive amounts of roses be ready all at once, many of the flowers delivered or aavailable for sale may have come from Kenya, which has a great climate for delivering roses in mid-February, and has less demand from its recent biggest customers. [More]

Korean Air Learns That Kenya’s “Indigenous People Full Of Primitive Energy” Are Active On Twitter

Korean Air Learns That Kenya’s “Indigenous People Full Of Primitive Energy” Are Active On Twitter

What started as an attempt by Korean Air to promote its flights between Inchon, Korea, and Nairobia, Kenya, has ended with the airline having to apologize to a lot of people who aren’t thrilled with the airline’s suggestion that people visit Kenya to see its “indigenous people full of primitive energy.” [More]

Winter Strawberries Now 100% More Hippolicious

Winter Strawberries Now 100% More Hippolicious

Like fresh strawberries in the winter? Congratulations, you just killed a hippo.