Report: Russian Hackers Stole NSA Data By Using Kaspersky Software

For months, government agencies have been warning that popular antivirus software could be giving Russian intelligence agencies a back door into American computers and secrets. Now a new report says not only that it could happen, but that it already has, at least once. [More]


Homeland Security Officially Bans All Federal Use Of Kaspersky Products

The federal government needs antivirus and malware protection at least as much as any other large organization, if not more. But now, after first stopping new purchases, and then asking private business to cut ties, the feds are officially blocking any government use of Kaspersky Lab products, citing security concerns over the company’s reported ties to the Kremlin. [More]


Best Buy Pulls Controversial Kaspersky Security Products

In the modern era, it’s always worthwhile to consider how to protect your systems from unwanted, malicious actors. Kaspersky Labs’ software has been a popular option for doing just that for close to two decades now — but after increasing scrutiny of their founder’s potential ties to the Kremlin, one major retailer has decided to stop selling their security suite. [More]

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Report: FBI Asks Private Sector Companies To Stop Using Kaspersky Products

Obviously, it’s best practice to use antivirus and malware protection on anything you have that can connect to a network — and that goes double for businesses. But a new report says that the FBI is now asking several companies in the private sector to phase out use of products from Kaspersky Labs over concerns about the founder’s Russian background and ties. [More]


Feds Stop Using Kaspersky Antivirus Over Reported Russian Connection; States May Stick With It

Having an antivirus program and malware prevention suite on your computer is a good idea. A great idea, in fact. Everyone should have one, especially businesses and government agencies. But now one security company, Kaspersky Lab, is under fire for its Russian connections — leaving local, state, and federal agencies figuring out what to do next. [More]