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Chris Rief

5 Tips From A Pro For Cooking Up An Awesome Hamburger

At Consumerist, we take burgers very seriously. So much so, that we wanted to share some tips we gathered from an expert about the basics every burger lover should know before they fire up their grill. [More]

Xavier J. Peg

Which Fireworks Are Legal In My State?

This holiday weekend is a long one, giving people everywhere ample opportunity to stock up on all manner of fireworks from not-at-all sketchy roadside vendors conveniently situated near the state border. But are you actually allowed to set off those Big Bang Boomers and Star Spangled ‘Splosions, or are you limited to staring into the glinting abyss of a sparkler, hoping to recapture the simple joys of youth? [More]

Get your fireworks and your insurance at this one-stop shop in South Dakota (Photo: Great Beyond)

Which Fireworks, If Any, Are Legal In My State?

Like many kids whose families made biannual treks down I-95 to Florida, I used to beg my mom to please let me stock up on all the brightly colored and colorfully named fireworks you could buy at places like South of the Border. And every year on July 4th, I’d still be stuck with my stupid sparklers while the kids down the block set off their Fiesta Bombs and Earth Shakers. But hey, at least I wasn’t breaking the law, no matter how awesome it would have been. [More]

Which Fireworks Are Banned In My State And Where I Can Light Off The Good Stuff?

Which Fireworks Are Banned In My State And Where I Can Light Off The Good Stuff?

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth and continued independence of these fifty, nifty United States of America, almost all of which have very different, very specific fireworks laws. So before you go lighting that fuse in remembrance of our founding folks, it couldn’t hurt to learn whether or not you’ll get in trouble for lighting off that really expensive fireworks package you bought at South of the Border during your drive to Disney World — or even that sparkler you picked up at a convenience store the other day. [More]


We Are Not Shocked That Most People Injured By Fireworks Get Hurt Around The 4th Of July

Obvious or not, when it comes to fiery objects it’s always better to be extra safe than sorry, right? But in case you weren’t sure when there would be a large surge in fireworks-related injuries, a survey from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that most fireworks injuries happened during the month of the July 4th holiday. [More]

Know Your State's Fireworks Laws

Know Your State's Fireworks Laws

How did America’s birthday become synonymous with blowing sh*t up? We assume it has something to do with Francis Scott Key — or maybe it’s just that a lot of people think blowing sh*t up is really, really cool. But you probably don’t want to spend July 4th in jail, so you may want to learn a little about the hodgepodge of state fireworks laws — or just skip the DIY stuff and let someone else burst their bombs. [More]

What Are You Cooking For Independence Day?

What Are You Cooking For Independence Day?

Back on Memorial Day, we dealt with the great gas vs. charcoal debate. And now that it’s the July 4th weekend, you’ve had time to hone your grilling chops in time for some pre-fireworks feasts. But the big question is: What will you be cooking? [More]