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Guinness Finally Banishes Fish Parts From Its Beers

As promised a few years ago, Guinness has made changes to its centuries-old recipe to get rid of a fish-derived gelatin used to filter extra yeast from the brew. That means that vegetarians and vegans who prefer not to consume beer processed with fish can order draft Guinness now, and all versions by the end of the year. [More]

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Guinness Tweaking Its 256-Year-Old Brewing Process So Vegans Can Enjoy A Pint, Too

It must be tough out there sometimes for a vegan or a vegetarian — your meat-eating friends can’t talk about anything but bacon, and waiters never know if there’s cream in the soup or if the potatoes are fried in lard, etc. — so when it’s time to relax with an alcoholic beverage, it’s got to be nice to have options. Guinness is giving vegans one more option, with a tweak to its 256-year-old brewing method. [More]

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Do You Mind If There’s A Little Bit Of Fish Bladder In Your Guinness?

Before you pick up that pint of Guinness (and don’t even think about dropping shots into it) this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day, vegetarians might want to  heed what we’re about to say: Chances are there could be traces of fish bladder in your beer. My goodness, my Guinness, indeed. [More]