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Target Targets Blogger

Target Targets Blogger

It seems our buddy Target Corp. doesn’t like it when bloggers post store policies on the Internets. Their rational response? Duh, lawsuit.

EXCLUSIVE: Every Phone Number For TWC Level 3 Tech Support

EXCLUSIVE: Every Phone Number For TWC Level 3 Tech Support

Your Time Warner Cable is messing up. It can’t be fixed by merely turning the modem on and off. You’ve called technical support but they’re useless. You need Level 3 Tech support. That’s the tier at which they can actually help you with the more difficult technical problems.

Exclusive: Time Warner Dissolves Houston Division of Texas-Kansas City Cable Partners

We just got sent this internal announcement announcing Houston’s Cable Partners annihilation.

Paxil Unafraid to Demonstrate Bling in ’98 Memo

Paxil Unafraid to Demonstrate Bling in ’98 Memo

You may recall Paxil as the inspiration for several Law & Order episodes. In 2004, NY Attorney General began proceedings against Paxil makers GlaxoSmithKline after the company suppressed five internal studies between 1998 and 2002 revealing links between the drug and incidences of suicide among its users, especially children and young adults.

In Search of Smoking Guns

In Search of Smoking Guns

Is the corporation leaving you soulless? Has the company lost its way and needs some public attention to set it straight? Or are you simply possessed by a seething anger and need to lash out at the closest object, once succor, now shipwreck? Any of these and more are really great reasons to send us luscious source documents from your place of employ.

AOL Updates Retention “Offer Matrix”

AOL Updates Retention “Offer Matrix”

Another gemstone that tumbled out of the AOL retention coal mine after Vinny’s call is this update to the ominously monikered, “Offer Matrix.” That’s apparently the sequence of goodies doled out to customers to dissuade them from stopping service. Take the red prophylactic, Neo.

AOL Internal Memos, After Vinny’s Call

AOL Internal Memos, After Vinny’s Call

A disgruntled employee mailed in a triptych of AOL internal emails that followed the cancellation call heard round the world, finally launching the call’s recorder, Vincent, onto The Today Show, CNBC, CNN and even generated a comic strip, a Playboy parody video, and finally, our “Where is he now?” interview.