Re-Zombified Circuit City Opens Storefront On Amazon

Image courtesy of cmorran123

Back in 2009, electronics shoppers turning to Amazon was one of the factors blamed for the demise of the retailer Circuit City. Now Circuit City, under its second post-bankruptcy owner, is beginning a retail comeback by opening a retail storefront on Amazon. They’re starting out by going where the customers already are.

Circuit City is the rare zombie retailer that has been raised from the dead twice. The company came back as an online store shortly after the chain shut down, and now another company purchased the brand from former owner Systemax and plans to revive it as a mall and e-commerce retailer.

To make this situation even more strange and circular, note that back in 2005, the original incarnation of Circuit City severed its e-commerce relationship with Amazon, deciding instead to build up its own e-commerce operation.

The new owner plans to open a chain of small retail stores: yes, someone thinks it makes good business sense to open new electronics stores. Perhaps it does, but the CEO of the new Circuit City insists that the brand’s comeback has been going very well. However, according to the Dallas Morning News, the opening of its first prototype store was scheduled for June in Dallas, but has been pushed back as the company changed the plans for its prototype store, including the store’s size.

In the meantime, you can always check out their Amazon storefront. Again.

Circuit City closer to Dallas debut; just launched online with Amazon [Dallas Morning News]

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