ice melt

Jason Cook

How To Find The Best Tools To Dig Out From Snowstorms And De-Ice Your Property

Depending on where in the country you are, you’re most likely dealing with the aftermath of a winter storm, preparing for a winter storm, or sneering at your friends in other regions saying, “What’s snow?” While local governments handle ice melt and snow removal for the roads, you’re in charge of clearing and treating your own driveway and walkways. What’s the best equipment to use? [More]


What Kind Of Ice Melt Should You Buy?

I stopped by Walmart over the weekend, and there was a large sign at the entrance to the seasonal department: “NO ICE MELT.” That’s the case all over the country this winter, which means that if you do find some ice melt, you might be limited to what some gal down the street is hoarding in her garage. [More]