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Huy Fong Founder Doesn’t Regret Failing To Trademark “Sriracha”

Twenty-Five years ago, David Tran’s Huy Fong Foods began selling its now-famous Sriracha hot sauce. Now the “sriracha” name shows up on Heinz ketchup, the Taco Bell menu, Pizza Hut crusts, potato chips from Pringles, and numerous other items. But Tran and his company don’t see a dime for any of those products because he didn’t think to trademark the word back in 1980. [More]


Huy Fong Sriracha Shipments Will Resume This Month

Remember how a judge shut down part of the factory near Los Angeles that makes the fab hot sauce sriracha? Spicy food lovers freaked out over the possibility that they might have to check more than one store or buy a different brand of sauce. The nightmare is now over: huy Fong is resuming shipments. [More]

Philadelphia City Councilman Pleads With Sriracha Makers To Relocate Factory There

Philadelphia City Councilman Pleads With Sriracha Makers To Relocate Factory There

With the makers of Sriracha chili sauce feeling the heat from folks in Irwindale, CA, who say the Huy Fong factory is releasing a smelly, stinging odor into the neighborhood, one Philadelphia City Council member is calling on the company to relocate its saucy operation to the City of Brotherly Love. [More]

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Hot Food Lovers Rejoice! Sriracha Factory Avoids Shutdown For Now

Days after a lawsuit by a California city put the future of the much-loved but hard-to-pronounce Sriracha chili sauce in jeopardy, the judge in the case has denied the plaintiff’s request to shut the plant down until it deals with odor issues. [More]

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City Sues Sriracha Hot Sauce Factory Over Eye-Burning Chili Stench

There are many things in life that we love having, but that we wouldn’t love to have in our literal or figurative backyards. Things like sriracha, the powerful chili sauce that scorches your taste buds off with deliciousness. You might love the sauce, but have you ever thought about the people who live near the factories where it’s made? [More]