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QVC Buys Home Shopping Network For Low, Low Price Of $2.1B

It appears that QVC looked in its closet one day, couldn’t find anything to wear, and just decided to go buy something new. But instead of just picking out an outfit, it scooped up rival Home Shopping Network for a cool $2.1 billion. [More]

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9 Things We Learned About HSN’s $2.5 Billion Per Year TV-Commerce Operation

You might not think about HSN very much, but that’s because you aren’t part of their target demographic: women over 35 who enjoy shopping but want to choose from a curated collection of stuff, maybe designed or at least endorsed by a familiar celebrity. If that doesn’t sound like a large portion of the population, you’d be surprised: HSN takes in $2.5 billion per year. [More]

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Home Shopping Network CEO Says No Thanks To Job At JCPenney

Not so many years ago, the idea of an executive choosing to stick with Home Shopping Network over one of the nation’s most well-known retailers would have seemed like madness. But with the two businesses headed in very different directions, it’s not really a surprise that HSN CEO Mindy Grossman has, like much of America, decided to stay home rather than go to JCPenney. [More]

HSN Breaks TV, Showing Need To Firmly Attach Your Wii Accessories

HSN Breaks TV, Showing Need To Firmly Attach Your Wii Accessories

This HSN presenter remembered to use his wrist strap when playing with a Wiimote, so good for him! Unfortunately, it turns out you also have to make sure any attachments are firmly attached.