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Tourist Fined $1K For Straying Off Yellowstone Boardwalk To Collect Thermal Water

Just a week after a tourist died in a geyser at Yellowstone National Park after leaving the park’s designated boardwalk, officials say they fined another visitor for straying out of bounds in an attempt to collect water from the volatile, dangerous hot springs. [More]


Death Of Yellowstone Tourist Prompts Renewed Warning To Stay On Park Paths

The death of a tourist at Yellowstone National Park has officials issuing renewed warnings to visitors to stay on pathways, no matter how enticing a temptation is waiting outside prescribed borders. [More]

Chemlawn Charges For Services Never Performed Or Requested

Chemlawn Charges For Services Never Performed Or Requested

The lawn wasn’t the only thing this grounds service was doctoring. Reader Al claims Chemlawn billed him for services he never received, even after he canceled his contract and they agreed not to charge him.