Chemlawn Charges For Services Never Performed Or Requested

The lawn wasn’t the only thing this grounds service was doctoring. Reader Al claims Chemlawn billed him for services he never received, even after he canceled his contract and they agreed not to charge him.

His story, and invoice scans, inside…

Al writes:

    “On 4-27-06 we received an evaluation from Chemlawn that there was some winter damage but no fungus on our lawn.

    After a large amount of our lawn died, we canceled Chemlawn.

    On 9-8-06 we received an evaluation from Lawndoctor that as much as 90% of our back yard was damaged by fungus.

    On 9-26-06 Chemlawn claims to have serviced our lawn.

    We spoke with Chemlawn and they provided a confirmation number that we would not be charged for the 9-26-06 service which we did not request. The confirmation number was 0926XXX.

    On 11-1-06 Chemlawn sent us a bill claiming our account was past due.

    We have returned the past due notice with appropriate notations.”

Al sent this into us last month so we’ve asked him if there’s been any developments since then. Hopefully Chemlawn came to their senses and refunded their money. We’re uncertain, though, about the link between Lawn Doctor and Chemlawn. Does Lawn Doctor subcontract to Chemlawn? — BEN POPKEN