These are not actual cheeseburgers, but they still look tasty. That's how powerful the image of the cheeseburger is. I'm also just really hungry. (Eric Spiegel)

It’s Apparently National Cheeseburger Day. Where’s Our Gift?

We know that most of you are probably all caught up in the annual sybaritic bacchanal that is National Dipped Fruit Week (you really don’t want to see the current state of the chocolate fountain in the Consumerist Cave), but let us not allow our cheese-and-chocolate-covered euphoria blind us to an equally important food holiday going on right now: National Cheeseburger Day. [More]

Assessing The Christmas Aftermath: How'd You Make Out?

Assessing The Christmas Aftermath: How'd You Make Out?

Now that the dust has settled, the overly expensive wrapping paper has been ripped to shreds and stuffed into giant garbage bags and the candy cane hangovers have started, we want to know, how’d you do this year?