Need A Ride? Soon You Can Hail A Helicopter With Uber

Hate dealing with traffic, and have a big chunk of money just burning up in your pocket? You’ll soon be able to summon a helicopter ride using Uber, as part of partnership between the ride-hailing company and aircraft manufacturer Airbus. [More]


Helicopter Group Claims Flight Restrictions In The Hamptons Are Unconstitutional

Though many well-to-do denizens of the Hamptons likely enjoy the comforts and convenience of a helicopter hither and thither to the popular Long Island weekend getaway destination, there have been so many complaints about noise from the aircraft that the local government has issued new restrictions on flights in the area. That isn’t going over well with the helicopter industry there. [More]

NBC & Comcast Had Secret Helicopter Meetings

NBC & Comcast Had Secret Helicopter Meetings

The New York Times has a thrilling account of the secret helicopter hotel golf parties that resulted in the soon-to-be merger of NBC Universal and Comcast. There were code names! [More]

Helicopter Medics Are Literally Dying To Save People

Helicopter Medics Are Literally Dying To Save People

Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be medical helicopter pilots. The Washington Post reports the cut-throat, private, for-profit $2.5 billion industry is getting more dangerous, due to crashes and ill-advised flights in bad weather. In 2008, 23 crew members and five patients died, making it the deadliest year ever:

Reader Gets RC Helicopter For $6 After Incompetence Discount

Reader Gets RC Helicopter For $6 After Incompetence Discount

S. is living the dream. My dream, at least. The dream of using one’s grown-up status and money to buy an awesome toy that our parents wouldn’t buy us in our childhood. In S.’s case, it was even better, since a strange pricing system error meant that he got a $6 remote control helicopter.

Does Gary Coxe Need More Self-Self-Help?

Haven’t had enough of Gary Coxe, self-help superstar? This anonymous tipster writes to tell us exactly how successful Gary’s amazing program has been for Coxe himself:

The helicopter Gary is standing behind is not even his. He leases it!

Spam: White Dude Had It Rough, Wants To Show You His Helicopter

– he truly walks his talk.

We’d link you to his website but it’s full of popups. Besides, if you really want to learn about this, you’ll pick yourself up by your bootstraps and fight through gale force winds filled with snakes surfing on shards of glass to kill the men who stand between you and a Google text entry box.