Corey Templeton

After Hanjin Bankruptcy Crisis, Shippers Seek Out Large, Stable Companies

The sudden bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping left billions of dollars’ worth of cargo, potentially including all of your holiday gifts, floating on container ships in the ocean in legal limbo. Now the companies that ship cargo don’t want to risk having that happen again. [More]

Max Feingold

Bored Hanjin Ship Crew Spends Third Week Off Coast Of Singapore

The good news for the crew of a Hanjin ship left stranded by the company’s abrupt bankruptcy is that it has plenty of food and water, something that their union worried about. Crew members even have local prepaid cell phone cards so they can stay in touch with their families. They would prefer to be at home with their families, and to know whether they’ll still have jobs or be able to find jobs once they’re finally allowed off the ship. [More]

Todd Lappin

Hanjin Unloads Ship At Long Beach, South Korean Government Promises Funds

The sudden bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping meant that the company’s container ships were temporarily doomed to float around with dwindling supplies for their crews and containers full of your holiday gifts. Concerned that ships and their cargo might be seized, ports refused to allow them in. However, a bankruptcy court in the U.S. agreed to protect a ship arriving at the port of Long Beach, CA from having its cargo seized, and it was unloaded over the weekend. [More]


Samsung Trying To Pay To Get Its Stuff Off Stranded Hanjin Ships

For more than a week, dozens of container ships operated by Hanjin Shipping have been stranded at sea after the company’s sudden bankruptcy filing, delaying deliveries for goods just as retailers are stocking up for the holiday shopping season. Now Samsung is asking a judge for help to get its stuff out of Hanjin’s hands. [More]