Florida Man Accused Of Stealing More Than 4 Million Pounds Of Citrus

Sure, we’ve heard of crop theft in the past (tangerines, pumpkins, corn, onions) but when it comes to sheer volume of pilfered produce, a new report out of Florida takes the cake (if the cake is made out of oranges and grapefruit): authorities there have arrested a man accused of illegally obtaining more than four million pounds of citrus fruit — worth more than $500,000 — from five different people and companies. [More]


Number Of Drugs You Shouldn’t Mix With Grapefruit Climbs From 17 To 43

If you’re one of those people who don’t really read all those boring warning labels on your medications because come on, you know how to take a pill (guilty), well you might want to pay attention, especially if you like grapefruit. Researchers say taking certain medications with the fruit can cause a person to overdose accidentally. [More]

Sexy Grapefruit Domain Banned In Vietnam

Sexy Grapefruit Domain Banned In Vietnam

Over in Vietnam, various regulations prevent you from naming a .vn domain after a body part approximately 50% of people on Earth have. Recently however, this aggressive stance towards clean, wholesome domain names has backfired on the clean, wholesome Vietnamese grapefruit which, without its tonal accents, is a filthy homonym for a cock.