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Florida Man Accused Of Stealing More Than 4 Million Pounds Of Citrus

Sure, we’ve heard of crop theft in the past (tangerines, pumpkins, corn, onions) but when it comes to sheer volume of pilfered produce, a new report out of Florida takes the cake (if the cake is made out of oranges and grapefruit): authorities there have arrested a man accused of illegally obtaining more than four million pounds of citrus fruit — worth more than $500,000 — from five different people and companies. [More]

Family Fined $300 Over 5 Pieces Of Fruit In Backpack

Family Fined $300 Over 5 Pieces Of Fruit In Backpack

A family of four weren’t too pleased when they got off their flight from Israel to New Jersey to find that they had to pay a fine of $300 for five pieces of fruit — three cucumbers, an apple and a tomato — stashed in a backpack, even though the Customs agent could have chosen to just destroy the food. [More]