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Apple Switching From Bing To Google Search Results For Siri, Spotlight Queries

The next time you ask Siri a question or look for something using Apple’s Spotlight feature, the web results you see will be from Google search, instead of Bing. [More]


You Can Now Hail A Ride Straight From Google’s Mobile Search Results

While Google already offers the option of hailing a cab or ride-service pickup from within Google Maps, the company will now let users order up a car straight from Google’s mobile search results. [More]

Google Knows How Much You Hate Getting Giant Pop-Up Ads On Your Phone

Google Knows How Much You Hate Getting Giant Pop-Up Ads On Your Phone

It is one of the small but ubiquitous frustrations of the modern era: You tap an interesting-looking link on your phone, only to be greeted by some giant ad that takes up the whole screen and has some stupid tiny X mostly hidden, and in trying to close the ad you end up opening it and it’s annoying. If you are like most human phone-using people, you really hate that. Well, for stories you get to through search at least, Google’s got your back. [More]


Google Adding Live TV Listings To Search Results

Although your binge-watching brain might not remember a time when television shows and movies were anything but on-demand, live TV is still around. Soon, if you want to find out what’s on and when, Google search results will include listings for live TV. [More]

Google Maps & Search Results Now List Businesses’ Holiday Hours

Google Maps & Search Results Now List Businesses’ Holiday Hours

Google is once again revamping its Maps and Search platforms, adding functionality to make the services more useful for consumers – especially those doing a little holiday shopping.  [More]

On the left, annoying. On the right, you're mobile-friendly.

Google Won’t Consider Sites Mobile-Friendly If They Use Those Annoying, Full-Screen App Install Ads

There you are, searching for the perfect cheese dip recipe on your phone, and you think you’ve finally found the cheesiest of the cheesy. You click on the Google search result, excited, anticipating, ready to gain knowledge — and you’re faced with a plea to install that site’s app that covers your entire screen and forces you to find the tiny “X” to close out of the thing and move on with your life. Hate that? You might see it less often, as Google says sites that use those full-page app install ads will soon not be considered “mobile-friendly” sites. [More]

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Google Will Put Some Basic Information About Your Medical Questions Right On The Search Page

You may have noticed recently that when you search on some topics in Google, before the results on outside Web sites, first you see quick information on the subject such as dictionary definitions or basic facts pulled from Wikipedia entries. Google announced today that they’ll be adding medical information from legitimate, well-respected sources when people search for information about symptoms or health problems. [More]

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Google Fixes Glitch Featuring Mysterious Photo Of Car Crash In Search Results

It’s unclear what exactly was causing Google’s Image search to return result upon result of a photo showing what appeared to be a car crash with a stop sign written in Russian, but whatever it was, the company says it’s fixed now. [More]

UN Ads Point Out How Bizarrely Sexist Google Searches Are

UN Ads Point Out How Bizarrely Sexist Google Searches Are

The auto-complete suggestions on Google searches are often good for a laugh, but they can also provide some measure of insight into the scary collective psyche of the Internet. And a new series of ads from the United Nations uses these auto-complete results in an effort to demonstrate just how pervasive some sexist attitudes are. [More]

Google celebrates the big 1-5 with a new algorithm.

Google Launches Huge Overhaul Of Search Algorithm (Which You Probably Didn’t Notice)

Back when the Internet was but a newfangled toy, you might’ve searched for things on Google like, “What is a Google?” But now that searches are more involved (“What is that movie with the guy from that TV show starring Gary Sinise with the talking dolphin and time travel?”) Google says it’s rolled out a massive change in its search algorithm in the last month to handle difficult queries. Not that you necessarily noticed. [More]