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For-Profit College Or Fictional School: Can You Tell Them Apart?

For-Profit College Or Fictional School: Can You Tell Them Apart?

When coming up with the name for a institution of higher learning, you often want to find that sweet spot where academia, history, and marketability meet; and you also have to make sure no one else is already using that name. [More]

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For-Profit Schools Are More Flexible & Convenient Than Community Colleges, But Can Land You In Debt Hell

Whether it’s for financial, academic or personal reasons, a traditional four-year college isn’t in the cards for everyone. Community colleges have long offered the opportunity for people to get started (or restart) their education without having to go into debt, so why have so many Americans recently opted for more expensive for-profit colleges that are regularly criticized for spending more on acquiring students than they do on teaching them? [More]

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Law Would Forbid Colleges From Using Federal Money For Advertising

The nation’s 15 largest for-profit colleges get nearly 90% of their annual revenue from federal aid programs for students. New legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate today would prevent any of that money being used on advertising, marketing and recruitment. [More]