Target and ThredUP recently ended their pilot that exchanged consumers older clothing for gift cards.

Target, ThredUP End Partnership That Let Customers Exchange Old Clothes For Gift Cards

If you were hoping to exchange your lightly used clothing for Target gift cards though the retailer’s partnership with online consignment store ThredUP, then you’re out of luck: turns out, the test ended weeks ago.  [More]

Target partnered with online consignment store ThredUP to offer customers gift card for their old outfits.

Target Partners With ThredUP To Let You Trade In Old Clothes For Gift Cards

Target knows you’ve probably got a bunch of old clothes you don’t wear but which are otherwise fine. It also wants you to spend money at Target buying new clothes (and groceries, and anything else). So now it’s willing to trade you some gift cards for your dust-gathering outfits. [More]

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Your Borders Gift Card Is Now Worthless: This Is Not A Repost From 2011

You may remember that back in 2013, people who forgot to redeem their Borders gift cards sued the company’s smoldering remains and tried to get some of their money back. A federal judge shot that effort down, but the gift card lawsuit continued, and went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. No, really. However, the Supremes declined to hear the case, which means you’re stuck using those Borders gift cards to scrape ice off your car windows. [More]

RadioShack Agrees To Pay Outstanding Gift Card Balances Before Paying Other Debts

RadioShack Agrees To Pay Outstanding Gift Card Balances Before Paying Other Debts

The state attorney general of Texas, home state of the company formerly known as RadioShack, wasn’t pleased that the electronics retailer went out of business with an estimated $46 million in gift cards outstanding. Normal bankruptcy procedure is that gift card holders who don’t cash in their cards before the deadline–usually 30 days after the company files for bankruptcy status — are out of luck. Thanks to the TX AG, the American public won’t have to shrug off the loss of that money… unless they lost their gift card. [More]

Gift-Givers Love Gift Card Kiosks, And Retailers Love Them Even More

Gift-Givers Love Gift Card Kiosks, And Retailers Love Them Even More

Depending on who you ask, gift cards are thoughtless gifts prone to losing their value, or a way to ensure that someone will get a gift that they actually like without the soullessness of cash. They’re also extremely convenient. Gift cards are available everywhere from convenience stores to upscale retailers, but how much money does the store where you bought the card get? [More]

Texas Attorney General Says RadioShack Knowingly Sold Gift Cards That Would Soon Expire

Texas Attorney General Says RadioShack Knowingly Sold Gift Cards That Would Soon Expire

If the leadership of a company knows that they’re about to file for bankruptcy, should they stop selling gift cards? That’s what the Attorney General in Texas contends: that RadioShack knew after the 2014 holiday season ended that it would be declaring bankruptcy soon, and that gift cards they had issued would lose their value at the time of the bankruptcy or shortly afterward. Yet they sold ’em anyway. [More]

Best Buy Sells $200 Gift Cards For $15, Cancels Orders

Best Buy Sells $200 Gift Cards For $15, Cancels Orders

Late last night, Best Buy posted what seemed like the greatest Black Friday in July deal ever: a $200 gift card for only $15. This was an obvious pricing error, but humans are humans, and people were willing to put up with an Isaac Mizrahi-designed floral gift card if it meant that they would get $185 in free money. Fortunately for Best Buy, they corrected the pricing error after only a few hours. [More]

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There’s Still $43 Million In Outstanding RadioShack Gift Cards, And Texas Wants To Rescue It

When a retailer looks like it might be in danger of going out of business, we warn gift card holders to use their cards soon, before the company declares bankruptcy and the cards lose their value. Not everyone has the good sense to read Consumerist, though, and that’s why the Texas Attorney General wants the smoldering remains of RadioShack to put aside some money for gift card holders. [More]

A Legitimate Car Seller Will Not Ask For Payment In Amazon Gift Cards

A Legitimate Car Seller Will Not Ask For Payment In Amazon Gift Cards

As gift cards go, Amazon gift cards are pretty flexible: they’re available in any amount and can be used for a wide variety of merchandise. You can even use them to buy imaginary cars. At least, that’s what happened to a Michigan man who thought that he was buying a car that was in Montana, but was in fact sending four thousand bucks into a scamtastic void. [More]


Gift Card That Isn’t A Gift Card Can Ignore Consumer Laws

There are some disadvantages to using gift cards, but there are some laws that protect consumers who buy and use them. California has the strongest laws of this type: gift card holders can ask a retailer to cash in a gift card at any time, for example. Yet what happens when something that seems like a gift card isn’t, and it isn’t regulated the way that you expect–even in California? [More]

Starbucks Wants You To Buy Mom A $200 Gift Card Worth $50 Because It’s Your Mom

Starbucks Wants You To Buy Mom A $200 Gift Card Worth $50 Because It’s Your Mom

If you missed your chance to buy Starbucks’ $200 silver keychain that acted as a $50 gift card during the 2014 holiday season, you have another shot at stainless steel glory. [More]


Have A RadioShack Gift Card? You Have One More Day To Use It

We initially reported that people with RadioShack gift cards would have to use them up by March 5 or lose the entire balance. Great news if you happen to have found one buried in the far corner of your junk drawer: RadioShack has extended the period that they’re accepting gift cards to March 31. [More]


Police: Former Amazon Employee Siphoned Off $18,000 In Gift Card Balances

When you send someone a gift card, you do so under the assumption that no one with access to the card has been draining any of the balance. That’s what we assume when having a card sent to the recipient, or when mailing it ourselves: why check to make sure the whole balance is there? Police say that a woman fulfilling Amazon gift card orders took advantage of this for a few years, draining $18,000 in Amazon gift card balances to her own cards. [More]

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Use Your RadioShack And Deb Gift Cards Right Now

Do you have gift cards lingering in your wallet from RadioShack or Deb? If so, put down the device you’re reading this post on and head over to the store right now to spend that card. That’s only slightly hyperbolic, but card holders will need to get to RadioShack before March 5 and to Deb before March 8 to cash in their cards before they’re worthless. [More]

Green Dot, the company that services Walmart MoneyCard accounts, says an investigation gives it reason to believe this may be a hoax.

Man Returns $10,000 Walmart Debit Card To Store, Now It’s Gone Missing

UPDATE: Green Dot — the company that services the Walmart MoneyCard — tells Consumerist that its investigation of this story gives it reason to believe it may all be a hoax. More details on the questions and inconsistencies with the man’s story can be found HERE. [More]

Restaurant Bonus Gift Card Promotions Mean Discounted Meals

Restaurant Bonus Gift Card Promotions Mean Discounted Meals

Sure, gift card bonus deals are meant to induce you to buy even more gift cards, maybe keeping the smaller one for yourself. While giving gift cards can be problematic, In the case of a restaurant or store that you already plan to visit or visit regularly, gift card deals area a great way to take advantage of these promotions. [More]

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Walmart Offers Gift Card Trade-In Program If You Don’t Mind Getting Less Than The Card Is Worth

Although consumers were warned several times this year that gift cards might not be the best option when buying something for their loved ones, some likely continued buying the plastic cards as gifts. If you found yourself on the receiving end of a not-so-wanted or needed gift card, you now have the option to trade it in for a Walmart gift card – and a couple of big catches. [More]

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Reminder: Don’t Buy Gift Cards From People Standing Outside Walmart

With just a few days remaining to finish your holiday shopping, you might feel compelled to buy a gift card and call it good. While that gifting idea might be suited for your needs, authorities are reminding consumers that you shouldn’t purchase the cards from a stranger standing outside a retailer — or a stranger walking around anywhere shilling gift cards, for that matter.
. [More]