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From McDonald's Happy Meals toys website.

Happy Meal Toys Aren’t So Happy For Any Fans Of Adventure Time’s Female Characters

MCDonald’s recently unveiled their new lineup of Happy Meal toys, slated to start appearing at a drive-through near you on Friday. Fans of Cartoon Network’s series Adventure Time are thrilled to find their favorite animated characters available for purchase along with their burgers and fries. Except something seems to be missing. [More]

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Petition Asks Toys ‘R’ Us To Ditch Gender-Specific Marketing

A group have parents have started a campaign asking Toys ‘R’ Us to stop marketing its toys along gender lines, saying the retailer is getting more extreme in its separation between the sexes. Just this month over in the United Kingdom, the company said t would drop gender references in its stores across the pond and market products in a more neutral way. [More]

Female-Only Hotel Floors Make A Comeback

Female-Only Hotel Floors Make A Comeback

A relic of the mid-20th century, women-only hotel floors seem to be on the rise. Depending on the hotel, the rooms tend to offer upgraded amenities meant to cater to female business travelers. A Washington, D.C. hotel that offers such floors connects guests to female networking events. [More]