Comcast, FX Hope You’re Willing To Pay $6/Month Extra To Avoid Commercials On Just One Channel

Comcast, FX Hope You’re Willing To Pay $6/Month Extra To Avoid Commercials On Just One Channel

How much do you hate commercials? How much do you enjoy cable channel FX? For people that despise ads so much they are willing to pay to avoid them on a channel-by-channel basis, Comcast and FX have a new offering that is ready to take your money. [More]

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Face It: The Ability To Stream Any Episode Of ‘The Simpsons’ Means Your Productivity Is Shot

You might’ve already scheduled a vacation starting Aug. 21, when FXX will air all 522 episodes of The Simpsons during its 11-day marathon, but if you wait until October, all those episodes will be available online, on demand. [More]

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FX Realizes Maybe People Don’t Want To Look At Billboards Of Worms Coming Out Eyeballs

There are lots of reasons to have a problem with a billboard. Maybe because it tricks you into thinking there is a suicidal dude perched on top of it, or because it inadvertently mocks someone’s language, or advocates for public urination. But billboards for FX’s upcoming disease-based show The Strain are just good ol’ fashioned gross. [More]

Netflix Money Is “Pure Heroin” To TV Studios

Netflix Money Is “Pure Heroin” To TV Studios

Ever wonder why a TV channel’s website or on-demand options often only include the few most recently aired shows? It’s because the network doesn’t usually own the show, but instead pays a studio for the rights to air it, and networks haven’t been willing to ante up for the extra money to stream entire seasons as they air. Now some broadcasters realize they’re losing out and want access to all those shows, but Netflix is making it difficult. [More]


Tonight’s premiere of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” is about cannibalism and hunting men for sport. The unfortunately-placed McDonald’s commercial halfway through the show featured a guy swinging a bat at his friend because he smells food, and then everyone else at the party swarming over the fallen friend to feast. Awkward!