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4 Characteristics Every Great Vanilla Ice Cream Should Have

When it comes to ice cream, everyone has a favorite flavor. But if you want to become a true ice cream flavor connoisseur, one expert suggests starting with a simple classic – vanilla — and building your tasting skills from there. [More]

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Does Caffeine Make You Crave Sugar?

Your morning coffee might be the jolt you need to make it to work without drowsily forgetting to put on your pants, but that caffeine may also be temporarily be dulling your taste buds, possibly leaving some folks still jonesing for something sweet. [More]


Food Scientist Envisions A Future Where “Super Nutritious Pizza” Exists

Sure, you may try to claim that “pizza is a vegetable” or that it’s healthy because you put some broccoli on top. Yes, we’re just fooling ourselves — but if one food scientist has his way, we could all be eating truly nutritious pizza in the future. [More]

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Scientists Reinstalling “Tasty” Genes In Supermarket Tomatoes

Researchers recently confirmed what food storage experts had long believed: Refrigerating tomatoes causes them to lose flavor. Now scientists are hoping that some genetic tinkering will turn blah supermarket tomatoes into flavorful rivals to their farm-fresh cousins. [More]

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Science Says You Aren’t Alone: Drinking Booze Gives Mice The Munchies

Have you ever found yourself informing anyone who would listen after a long night out at the bar, “I could totally take down an entire pizza right now,” and meaning it with your entire heart? You aren’t alone: science says even mice get the munchies when they’re drunk. [More]


Food Scientists Trying To Develop Kale Aimed At Picky American Palates

We all know that kale is trendy, but if it were up to some American consumers, it wouldn’t be, well, quite so kale-y. [More]

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Meatless Burger That Bleeds Pulverized Beet Juice Debuts At Colorado Whole Foods

Biting into a burger and having the juices drip out of it has, until recently, been an experience only enjoyed by meat eaters. Vegetarians might join them soon, with a new meatless burger for sale at Whole Foods that bleeds beet juice instead of beef juice.

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Science Tackles Very Important Question: What’s The Best Cheese For A Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich?

There are some things we don’t need scientists to tell us — like the fact that cheese is delicious and was created by the dairy gods to please us — but there are other questions we need answered by the professionals in order to live our best lives. Like what the ideal kind of cheese is for a perfectly gooey, melty grilled cheese. Here comes the science! [More]

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Scientists Working Hard To Save Us All From Rapidly Melting Ice Cream Cones

It’s a hot day, you’ve got a cool treat — it’s inevitable. That ice cream scoop, once so perfect in its rounded form, is going to melt, forcing you to fight the age-old battle against drips with your tongue as your only weapon. Take heart, dessert warriors: there are scientists out there who are trying to help us all, by developing an ice cream that takes a bit longer to melt. [More]

Genius Scientists Have Developed Bacon-Flavored Seaweed Because Clearly That Is Necessary

Genius Scientists Have Developed Bacon-Flavored Seaweed Because Clearly That Is Necessary

If I had a nickel for every time I was munching on a piece of seaweed and thought, “This would be better if it tasted like the bacon of the sea,” I would have zero nickels. But because people love all things that taste like that savory pork product, of course a group of scientists have figured out how to make seaweed-flavored bacon. [More]

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Today In Professional Envy: Cheese Scientists

Cheese, glorious cheese. Where would we be without you? No sandwich would be complete, many a pizza would suffer and countless stomachs would be bereft. But in order to fully appreciate our access to such a divine food, we must also give props to a profession of great importance, and the subject of great envy: cheese scientist. [More]

Mathematicians Say They Finally Know How Many Licks It Takes To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop

Mathematicians Say They Finally Know How Many Licks It Takes To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop

If there was one math question I was interested in as a kid, it was the mystifying puzzle of exactly how many times you’d have to lick a Tootsie Pop to get to the Tootsie Roll center. But while I was fine letting someone else figure out that question, other children grew up and decided to actually answer it — or at least, arrive at an approximate answer. [More]