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How Did This ID Badge End Up In My Jerky?

How Did This ID Badge End Up In My Jerky?

UPDATE Sept. 21: After we published Kim’s story, Oberto reached out to her to apologize for the “negative experience,” and confirmed that the object in question is, in fact, an employee ID badge. Read the entire update here. [More]

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Heineken Drinker Claims He Became Violently Ill After Finding 2 Geckos In His Beer

There’s nothing quite like sitting back and enjoying a cool beverage. But according to a new lawsuit, one man’s beer-drinking experience was anything but relaxing after he claims he found two geckos submerged in his can of Heineken. [More]

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Papaya Lovers, Beware: There’s A Salmonella Outbreak Going Around

If you’ve bought some nice juicy papayas and are preparing to cut them up for your next snack, you’ll want to pay attention to this: There’s a salmonella outbreak linked to a certain brand of papayas — but the company that sells them isn’t sharing that information with customers. [More]

Bush’s Baked Beans Recalled Due To Defective Cans

Bush’s Baked Beans Recalled Due To Defective Cans

Before you crack open a can of baked beans for your next backyard cookout, you should check to make sure they’re not included in a recent recall by Bush’s prompted by defective cans. [More]


Chipotle: Rodents Falling From Restaurant Ceiling Is “Isolated And Rare Incident”

If there’s one thing Chipotle doesn’t need as it continues to recover from its food-borne illness woes — including a new incident of norovirus at one restaurant — it’s reports of rodents raining down on customers from the ceiling. Uh, about that… [More]


Mad Cow Disease Discovered In Single Alabama Cow: What Now?

Although the words “mad cow” may strike fear deep into the center of your beef-loving stomach, there’s no need to freak out over a recent report of a single cow in Alabama that has come down with the disease. [More]

Queso Recalled For Actually Containing Undeclared Milk And Cheese

Queso Recalled For Actually Containing Undeclared Milk And Cheese

Allergies can be a serious, life-threatening business — there’s a reason that businesses have to declare when they might have major allergens in their products. So while you might think it’s a bit of a no-brainer that something that literally has the Spanish word for “cheese” in its name does, in fact, contain cheese, the company is recalling jars that fail to properly disclose the cheese, milk, and eggs within. [More]

7 Million Pounds Of Hot Dogs Recalled Because No One Wants To Eat Bone Shards

7 Million Pounds Of Hot Dogs Recalled Because No One Wants To Eat Bone Shards

Before your next cookout, you may want to check that pack of franks in the fridge: A New York company is recalling more than seven million pounds of hot dog products after someone reported getting a bite of bone in their wiener. [More]

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Are There Industrial Chemicals In Your Mac & Cheese?

While the federal government banned phthalates — industrial chemicals used in anything from vinyl flooring to perfume — from baby products like teething rings and toys almost 10 years ago, a new study says these potentially harmful toxins could be showing up elsewhere in your kid’s life: Macaroni and cheese. [More]

Target Pulls Hampton Creek Products From Stores Over Food Safety Concerns

Target Pulls Hampton Creek Products From Stores Over Food Safety Concerns

Target, a chain that’s popular because “upscale discount store” is apparently not an oxymoron, is a big seller of Hampton Creek’s vegan food products, including its not-mayonnaise Just Mayo. But now Target has reportedly pulled Hampton Creek products from its stores and even disabled cashiers’ ability to scan these items at checkout. [More]

Massive Recall Of Meatballs, Chicken, Fish Tied To Mislabeled Bread Crumbs

Massive Recall Of Meatballs, Chicken, Fish Tied To Mislabeled Bread Crumbs

If you want some idea of the complex interconnections of the packaged food industry, just try to figure out how one seemingly innocuous ingredient could lead to massive recalls of millions of units of everything from fish sticks to meatballs to chicken fingers. [More]


Ekrich Recalls 90,000 Pounds Of Cheddar Sausage That May Contain Metal Pieces

Ready-to-eat sausage from Armour Ekrich contains pork, turkey, beef, cheddar cheese… and maybe some metal pieces. Wait: One of those ingredients is definitely not part of a tasty breakfast. Over 90,000 pounds of the breakfast meat has been recalled for possibly containing some metal, though no injuries have been reported to date. [More]

Fresh Express Recalling Salad Mix Sold At Walmart After 2 People Find Dead Bat In Their Food

Fresh Express Recalling Salad Mix Sold At Walmart After 2 People Find Dead Bat In Their Food

If you were about to eat something, you may want to put it down for just a second. Now pick it up and take a closer look at it: Any dead animals that shouldn’t be there? No? You’re luckier than two people in Florida who found a dead bat in the packaged salad they were in the process of consuming. [More]

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Health Officials Investigating After Restaurant’s Apple Juice Burns Kids

We’ve heard of kids accidentally being served alcohol at restaurants before, but according to police in Pennsylvania, three kids complained that their throats and mouths were burning after drinking what was supposed to be apple juice at a Chinese buffet restaurant. [More]

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Chipotle Sales Down 20% In 2016; Still Working On That Comeback Thing

The good news for burrito chain Chipotle is that its sales are up for the first time in six quarters. The company’s food safety nightmare began in Oct. 2015, and since then the company has either been in crisis mode or trying to recover. The chain’s latest quarterly results show that the recovery isn’t complete, but at least its sales are up a little bit. [More]

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More Snacks And Desserts Recalled Due To Potentially-Contaminated Milk Powder

Whenever you want to think about how complicated our food supply chains are, just look at all of the items that end up recalled across the country when one basic ingredient is potentially contaminated and recalled. Milk powder from one dairy co-op in Virginia has caused product recalls at stores ranging from Aldi to Williams-Sonoma. [More]

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USDA Asks Meat, Dairy Companies To Replace Confusing Expiration & Sell-By Labels With “Best If Used By” Date

Though almost every food item you buy at the supermarket has some sort of expiration date — under the headers of “Sell By,” “Use By,” “Use Before,” “Best Before,” among others — printed on the packaging, the truth is date labels are largely voluntary and determined by the food producers. If handled properly, most foods are perfectly safe to eat after whatever date is on the label, but stores and consumers throw away an inordinate amount of food every year simply because that date has passed. In an effort to reduce food waste, the federal government is hoping to encourage meat and dairy producers to all use the same phrase: “Best If Used By.” [More]


Chipotle CEO “Not Satisfied” With Quality Of Customer “Experience” In Some Restaurants

As Chipotle closes the books on its second consecutive year of bad headlines and sagging sales, the company’s founder and co-CEO Steve Ells says the burrito chain still has “a long way to go” to recover from its food-safety crisis. In particular, he notes that Chipotle has forgotten about providing the best customer service. [More]