Airports Propose Increasing Facility Fees To Pay For Infrastructure Improvements

With airlines introducing new fees for just about everything from reserved seats, carry on bags and even water, it appears that the actual airports are looking to get a piece of the action with a proposed increase to the passenger facility fee. [More]

(Eric Spiegel)

Passenger Rights Group Calls For Cap To Airline Change Fees For International Flights

Under certain circumstances – like significant weather events – airlines allow passengers to change their travel plans at no extra cost.But generally travelers can expect to pay upwards of hundreds of dollars to revise their travel plans. Now a group of passenger rights advocates are asking U.S. regulators to adopt a more reasonable change fee cap of $100 for international flights. [More]

Founder Of FlyersRights Says Delta Hacked Her Email Account

Founder Of FlyersRights Says Delta Hacked Her Email Account

Kate Hanni, the founder of the passenger advocacy group, has filed a lawsuit against Delta Airlines in which she claims they hacked her email account and acquired personal email messages sent between her, some journalists, and a guy who was at the time working for Metron, a company hired by the FAA to investigate Delta.