JetBlue Expects To Have Free WiFi On All Planes By Fall 2016

JetBlue Expects To Have Free WiFi On All Planes By Fall 2016

For the past two years, JetBlue has fancied itself as the only airline that would someday offer customers free in-flight wifi on all its planes. While the carrier hasn’t quite captured the title just yet, it plans to have it in hand by next fall.  [More]

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JetBlue Will Let Amazon Prime Customers Stream For Free Onboard

Though it’s already the only airline to offer free WiFi, JetBlue is taking it once step further and will now let passengers who are Amazon Prime customers stream Amazon’s music and video content for free. Because let’s face it, you’ve got some binge watching of Transparent to get done and those two shrill, chatty 20somethings across the aisle will not shut up about their trip to Cabo. [More]

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JetBlue Starts Rolling Out Inflight Wi-Fi, But Is It Any Good?

We’ve known for a while now that JetBlue was working on inflight high-speed Internet access on many of its flights — a basic web browsing service for free and a $9 per hour faster connection for streaming and the like — and yesterday Consumerist tried it out ahead of today’s wider rollout. So maybe you’re wondering, is this Fly-Fi thing any good? [More]

If you just want to go online, check your e-mail or update your Facebook status, you probably won't need to ante up for the pricey Fly-Fi Plus tier.

JetBlue Quietly Launches “Free” In-Flight WiFi, Charges $9/Hour If You Want Streaming Quality

It’s been more than a year since JetBlue first confirmed that it would be installing next-generation, satellite-based WiFi on its planes, and that the service would initially be free to passengers. Well, even though it’s still weeks away from the official launch of the “Fly-Fi” service, the airline quietly flipped the switch yesterday on at least one jet, and revealed that there are two tiers of service, one of which could cost you quite a bit of money. [More]