Man Accused Of Groping Fellow Passenger On Virgin America Flight

When it comes to air travel, it seems that every few months a passenger is assaulted by a fellow traveler. This time a woman on a Virgin America flight said her seat mate inappropriately touched her, and then offered to buy drinks to smooth things over.  [More]

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Southwest Passengers Recall Long Lines, Poor Communication During Massive Glitch

A major issue with its technical systems left thousands of Southwest Airlines flights grounded last week, leaving passengers stranded with few options: wait out the glitch or look for alternative means of travel. [More]

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JetBlue Buys $3.6B In New Planes; Are Flights To Europe Next?

Four months after JetBlue failed to win over Virgin America and gobble up routes in California, the carrier is considering ferrying passengers across the Atlantic instead.  [More]

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Ryanair Getting Into The Hotel Business?

Could Ryanair be the Amazon of air travel? If the company’s executives have their say, the answer is a resounding “yes.” The cheapo European airline is taking steps to reach that goal with plans to launch an accommodation service for the destinations it flies in and out of.  [More]

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Allegiant Airlines Flight Delayed Three Times

Enduring a flight delay or two is never a fun experience, especially when you’re coming off a nice, relaxing holiday weekend. But the passengers on an Allegiant Airlines flight encountered not one, not two, but three delays after their plane experienced several issues Monday, including one that required the plane to turn around mid-air.  [More]

American Airlines Waives Sick Traveler’s $200 Cancellation Fee After He Sends Sweet Note & Family Photos

American Airlines Waives Sick Traveler’s $200 Cancellation Fee After He Sends Sweet Note & Family Photos

The next time you need to ask an airline to make an exception for you, think about following the example set by a traveler whose witty letter — complete with photos of his family — convinced American Airlines to waive its $200 cancelation fee. [More]

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Delta Air Lines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Cover Falls Off

Part of the flying experience is peering out the window to get a peek at the clouds, blue sky, and whatever city you may be traveling above. One thing you don’t want to see while gazing at the heavens? Something wrong with the engine.  [More]

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Unnecessarily Deployed Emergency Slide Could Cost United Airlines As Much As $30,000

Earlier this week, a United Airlines flight attendant quit her job in dramatic fashion when she deployed the emergency slide and exited the plane without explanation. It might seem like a laughing matter, but not to the airline that has to repay to replace the slide.



United Airlines Flight Turns Around After Passenger Wouldn’t Stop Doing Yoga

We’re no strangers to the idea of one unruly passenger prompting a commercial flight to change course, but who would have ever thought someone could disrupt a flight by doing something so peaceful as yoga and meditation? Folks, it can happen, and it did. [More]

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U.S. Airlines Providing Travel Waivers To Some Passengers After Brussels Attack

In light of today’s attacks in Belgium, several U.S.-based airlines are waiving their typical rebooking penalties and fees for travelers flying from, to, or through Brussels and several other European cities.  [More]

Frontier Passengers Stuck On Tarmac For 3 Hours Rip Airline For “Worthless” Vouchers

Frontier Passengers Stuck On Tarmac For 3 Hours Rip Airline For “Worthless” Vouchers

Under federal laws, airlines are prohibited from forcing passengers to sit on a plane for more than three hours. Frontier Airlines barely missed that deadline in Philadelphia this week, where passengers say they were stranded on a plane for just under three hours after enduring a series of delays.  [More]

American Airlines Flight Bound For L.A. Turns Around After Mystery Illness Spreads Through Cabin

American Airlines Flight Bound For L.A. Turns Around After Mystery Illness Spreads Through Cabin

It sounds like something out of a movie: a plane full of people and a sudden, mysterious illness that spreads through the cabin, taking down flight attendants and passengers alike. Except there was a real, puzzling malady afflicting people on an American Airlines flight last night, one that forced the pilot to turn the plane around and is still stumping officials. [More]'s Misery Map, as of 3:30 ET on Monday.

Thousands Of Flights Canceled, Delayed As Storm System Wreaks Holiday Travel Havoc

Even if you haven’t had to fly anywhere yesterday or today, you’re likely aware that there’s a large storm system currently duffing up air travel across the U.S. Time to break out the leftover egg nog and reconcile yourself to the inevitable nog hangover, travelers, as thousands of flights have been canceled or delayed already. [More]


Study: Airlines Padded Flight Schedules To Improve On-Time Performance Stats

So many things can delay a flight — weather, traffic, minor technical glitches to name just a few — and yet nearly three-quarters of all flights arrived at their destination on schedule last year. A new study suggests that this achievement might not just be the result of increased efficiency, but of padded schedules. [More]

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Authorities Clear Two Paris-Bound Air France Flights Diverted Over Anonymous Threats

Two Air France flights bound for Paris from the U.S. that received anonymous threats phoned in while they were in the air have been cleared by authorities and declared safe.


Airlines 4 America estimates the 10 busiest airports in the U.S. during the Thanksgiving holiday.

More Than 25M Travelers Expected To Hit The Skies This Thanksgiving

If you’re planning to fly the friendly skies in order to visit family and friends this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll have plenty of company in the form of nearly 25.3 million other travelers.  [More]

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United Airlines Revamping Boarding Process, Coffee Options

With a newly appointed interim CEO at the helm, United Airlines is moving forward with plans to win back customers’ trust: testing a new boarding procedure and revamping one part of its beverage menu.  [More]

Southwest Airlines Plane Grounded After Pilots Report Suspicious Object

Southwest Airlines Plane Grounded After Pilots Report Suspicious Object

Anyone who has traveled through an airport in the last decade will recognize the common loudspeaker announcement to be on the lookout for and to report any unattended, suspicious baggage or activity. It was one such item that caused Southwest Airlines to ground a flight and move passengers to another plane on Thursday night.