Tom Raftery

Twitter Might Let You Use Keyword Filters To Curb Online Harassment

For the last three years, Twitter has worked to improve the safety of users by creating and adapting its blocking policy and tools. Now, the social network is reportedly looking to create a tool that would allow users to search for certain words they find offensive and block those messages. [More]

Instagram Will Let You Filter Comments On Your Photos

Instagram Will Let You Filter Comments On Your Photos

It’s always nice to get positive, and even constructive, feedback on your Instagram photos. It’s not so nice when someone takes the time to hurl insults or make threats in the comments. Soon, Facebook-owned Instagram will give users new anti-harassment tools that let them hide unseemly messages left on their photos. [More]

Tim Baker

McDonald’s Starts Blocking Porn Access Over Free WiFi

If you’ve been using McDonald’s free WiFi to check out the latest porn while eating a McGriddle, we’ve got some bad news for you.