Netflix Dropping Its “One-Size-Fits-All” Streaming Algorithm

Netflix Dropping Its “One-Size-Fits-All” Streaming Algorithm

The shows you watch and the shows your five-year-old niece watch probably differ: she might prefer short 30-minute animated cartoons about an exploring adolescent, and you might go for something with more action or political backstabbing. While you both deserve to have a high quality product streaming on your screen, Netflix announced today that it might have found a better way to make sure that still happens, while using less data.  [More]


FileFront isn’t shutting down after all! The original founders decided to buy back the company from Ziff Davis Media after learning that the service was to be shut down at the end of March. [FileFront] (Thanks to Bob!)


Warner Brothers forgot to include the advertised iPod-compatible digital file on its Blu-ray copy of “Speed Racer.” It’s now offering an online trade, where owners of the disc can exchange their PlaysForSure authorization code for an iTunes store redemption code. (When filling out the form, for “Support Request Type” select “Authorization Code and Licenses”.) [warnerbros] (Thanks to Sabler!)