fast food workers

Scenes from a NYC protest at Domino's this morning.

Fast Food Workers Protesting Around The World Today Seeking Higher Pay

Fast food workers in 150 cities and 33 countries are participating in protests planned today in an ongoing effort to earn higher wages. The demonstrations are backed by unions trying to focus attention on the difficulties faced by low-wage workers, who are seeking a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour here in the United States. [More]

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These Workers Know Their Jobs Make The World A Worse Place But A Job Is A Job, Right?

In these trying economic times, we’re not about to begrudge anyone a job. Heck, we’ve all got bills to pay. But some workers are willing to point the finger at themselves and admit that what they do for a living is maybe kind of sort of making the world a worse place. A new survey asked a variety of workers if their jobs do good things for the world, and plenty of those polled replied, “Nope.” [More]