Edward Kammerer

Ecstasy Could Become Legal In Controlled Treatments to Treat PTSD

MDMA — or “molly” as today’s youngsters call it — is a longtime club drug with some limited medical uses. It may gain a new legitimate use, as the Food and Drug Administration has okayed the last human trial of MDMA as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, opening the door for possible approval down the road. [More]

Hey, remember these guys?

Brief Blackout On Carnival Ship Ecstasy; All Toilets Reportedly Functioning

If no news is good news, then Carnival isn’t having a lot of good news lately. Yet another of the cruise line’s ships has experienced a power failure at sea, but at least this time passengers can use the bathroom facilities. The Ecstasy suffered just a brief blackout today, but even that was enough to get the buzz a’buzzin’ in light of other recent incidents (cough, Poop Cruise, cough cough). [More] Testing Pills Before You Ingest Them Testing Pills Before You Ingest Them

Shopping for real ecstasy is such a chore—especially since so much of the stuff isn’t really MDMA, the magical methylenedioxymethamphetamine that makes the world go snuggly. Used to be, one could just pop over to and see if they’d run a test on a pill from your batch. If your pill had more random junk druggery than MDMA, you’d then know to take two. (We kid, unless it was also filled with ketamine, which is awesome.)