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Can You Be Arrested For Not Showing Your Driver’s License?

Imagine you and your friends are driving somewhere in two cars. Your friend in the other car gets pulled over for a minor traffic violation, so you pull over to wait. Then an officer comes to your door asking to see your license. If you refuse to produce the license because you’ve done nothing wrong, can you be arrested? Depends on which judge you ask. [More]


Delaware Wants To Become The First State To Offer Digital Driver’s Licenses

We have digital documents that have become just as accepted as paperwork — from contracts to concert tickets — so why not that holy grail of wheeled freedom for the minor set, the driver’s license? Delaware wants to start the technological trend of having digital driver’s licenses, with the state legislature adopting a resolution to start looking into the process. [More]

Say that three times fast.

Woman Wins Fight To Include All 36 Characters Of Her Last Name On Her Driver’s License

In this world, there are no guarantees. But everyone has the right to have their own name, and one Hawaii woman believes that includes the right to include her entire 36-character surname on her driver’s license. She just won the fight to include all 35 letters and one character with a new change to the state’s policy, so she can be loud and proud about its length. Teaching people to pronounce it is a whole other matter. [via the Associated Press] [More]

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Why Does Target Need To Scan My Driver’s License To Sell Me Nicotine Patches?

Rodney’s son asked him to pick up some nicotine patches, so he did. Rodney, an ex-smoker himself, knows the agony of nicotine withdrawal, and was happy to help him out. Up to a point. He wasn’t happy enough to let Target scan his driver’s license and hold on to the information that he had bought nicotine patches when he hasn’t smoked in years. The thing is, his caution is entirely justified. He could very well land on a data broker’s list of recent smokers. [More]

"Got ID?" Is A Question Many More Businesses Will Be Asking Soon

"Got ID?" Is A Question Many More Businesses Will Be Asking Soon

Your driver’s license could start getting worn down a lot starting in December . That’s because a whole bunch of businesses will soon be required to ask you for your ID, everyone from your dentist to your car dealer. [More]

Why Is This Store Scanning My Driver's License?

Why Is This Store Scanning My Driver's License?

Ed went to return a pair of shoes to Finish Line because they were the wrong size. As part of the exchange, the sales associate took Ed’s driver’s license and scanned it, and he wondered why.

Driver’s License Data Stolen in PA

Driver’s License Data Stolen in PA

If you’re one of 11,000 people from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, you might be at risk of ID theft after a driver’s license facility computer was stolen Tuesday. The computer contained photos, addresses and in about half the cases SSNs. The thieves also stole equipment for making driver’s licenses. Whoops. —MEGHANN MARCO