Cash Mobs Are Way Better At Helping Boost Local Businesses Than Flash Mobs

Who needs a crowd of people dancing to a pop song in an elaborately choregraphed public maneuver, designed only to get attention? Well, sure, flash mobs are fun to watch, sure, but cash mobs — large groups of people descending on local businesses to give sales a push — are a lot more productive in terms of helping a community.

CNBC says the trend started in Buffalo to help a wine retailer out in a tough spot, and now the phenomenon has spread across the country.

Cash mob organizers simply rally the troops via social media, or in some cases, get the word out to local news stations, and tell everyone which day and at what time to show up ready to spend some cash at a small business in the area. Then everyone goes shopping, the store gets a much-needed bit of retail oomph, and everyone wins. Of course, store owners are told ahead of time that they’ll be mobbed, so as not to become overwhelmed.

One current example tipster Anne sent in to us features Brielle’s Coffee and Tea Room in Independence, Ohio that has been in business for 18 years but has faced financial as well as personal setbacks for the owners recently.

In Brielle’s case, FOX8 in Cleveland held a contest for local businesses to be the winners of a cash mob, and they lucked out. Shoppers will descend on the coffee shop Wednesday, Feb. 29 from 5 to 7:30 p.m., and hopefully, leave its registers ringing.

Want to start a cash mob in your area? Click here to check out these handy tips on how to do so or call your local news stations to suggest they start a campaign.

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