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Karen Chappell

American Airlines CEO Says It Will Totally Match Discount Carriers’ Fares, Won’t Say How

With discount airlines expanding and competing on more of their routes, how can legacy carriers stay competitive? Their latest bid to stay ahead of discount airlines is to lower fares, including the controversial Basic Economy fares, and price-matching competitors. [More]

So Cal Metro

Frontier Airlines Adding Flights To These 21 New Cities, Will Double Its Routes

When we hear complaints about flights on Frontier Airlines, what we don’t hear is that customers want more of them. Yet the discount airline plans to expand its routes, running twice as many flights by this time next year. [More]


Ryanair Flight Takes Off Without Toilet Paper, Civilization Somehow Continues

European discount airline Ryanair has made headlines for reasons related to their bathrooms in the past: five years ago, we took note of their plan to charge customers to use the toilets, and to remove some toilets from the plane altogether. Yet some passengers on a flight from Murcia, Spain to London, England were horrified to learn that there would be no toilet paper or milk on board their flight. [More]

RyanAir Business Plan: Low Fares, Soaring Fees

RyanAir Business Plan: Low Fares, Soaring Fees

Ireland’s discount airline RyanAir wants to be known as the “Tesco of the skies.” (Think “flying Walmart.”) The metaphor would apply beautifully if Tesco also charges you a 25 cent unpeeling fee on a 35-cent banana. In the last few years, RyanAir’s “ancillary” revenue, or money raked in from fees, has reached £548 million ($914 million USD).

Ryanair To Provide Free Oral Sex To Business Class Passengers

Ryanair To Provide Free Oral Sex To Business Class Passengers

While American discount airlines like Spirit Air and Southwest alternate between running sophomoric promotions and enforcing their prudish dress codes on passengers, European counterpart Ryanair has trumped them all with its CEO’s announcement that transcontinental business class passengers will receive free “beds and blowjobs.” Video inside (safe for work if your job lets the word “blowjob” be said aloud).