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Guinness Opening Its First U.S. Brewery In 60 Years

The Guinness brewery in Ireland is a popular tourist destination for American fans of the dark brew, as it’s been 63 years since Guinness made any beer stateside. That will soon change. [More]

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SEC Investigating Beverage Giant Diageo Over Allegations It Artificially Boosted Sales Figures

When a company says it’s moving a whole lot of products, that could mean that its sales are booming. The thing is, just because a business might be shipping a lot of products, that doesn’t necessarily mean it actually sold as much as it’s sending to distributors. To that end, the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating beverage giant Diageo — the company behind brands like Smirnoff, Guinness, Johnnie Walker and more — for allegedly artificially boosting its sales by shipping excess inventory to distributors. [More]


Parent Company Of Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff Will Include Nutritional Info On Beverage Labels

We know that the thought at the forefront of your mind while downing a shot of whiskey is “How many calories are in this?” It’ll be a lot easier to figure out now when drinking brands like Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff and Baileys, as parent company Diageo announced today it’ll include nutritional information on its products’ labels. [More]

Jack Daniel’s In Fight Over What It Takes To Earn The Tennessee Whiskey Name

Jack Daniel’s In Fight Over What It Takes To Earn The Tennessee Whiskey Name

For whiskey to call itself “Tennessee whiskey,” it’s not like booze can just sit around in the state and slap a label on touting its heritage. For the last year, there’s been a law on the books in the state defining exactly which requirements a whiskey must meet to be labeled as such — a law that Jack Daniels is now fighting to keep in place in the face of competition from craft distillers and big businesses alike. [More]

Are Liquor Companies Discounting Themselves Onto Skid Row?

Are Liquor Companies Discounting Themselves Onto Skid Row?

If there’s one thing alcohol distillers and distributors know about it’s repititive, compulsive behavior (some might say they depend on it). And a new report suggests that Big Booze’s current addiction to discounts and coupons may end up doing long-term damage to the industry. [More]