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Teen Finds 7-Carat Diamond In Arkansas Park

If you’ve scoffed in the past at stories of visitors to Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park who have walked away with valuable gems, maybe this will blow your jaded mind: A 14-year-old found a 7-carat diamond there last weekend just half an hour after he arrived. And as big as this diamond is, the park says the stone isn’t even in the top five of the largest diamonds found there. [More]

Crater of Diamonds State Park

Father-Daughter Duo Finds 2-Carat Diamond At Arkansas Gem Park

Nature’s bounty is always a rewarding experience when you’re visiting one of the nation’s many parks, but one tourist destination can be particularly lucrative for visitors: an Arkansas gem park that lets people keep whatever valuable stones they find. In the recent case of a father-daughter duo, that turned out to be a 2.03-carat diamond. [More]

(Crater of Diamonds State Park)

Teen Sells 3.85-Carat Yellow Diamond She Found At Gem Park For $20,000

First of all, before we get into money talk, color me flabbergasted by the fact that there’s a park where apparently you can find free gems, take them home at your leisure and then sell them. Crater of Diamonds State Park exists, and it’s made one 14-year-old girl way richer than most kids her age. [More]