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Sad And Lonely Cottage Cheese Wants To Be Like Cool Kid Greek Yogurt

Just the words “cottage cheese” may conjure up images of the goopy, runny stuff mounded high on a plate next to some slices of melon in the “lighter fare” section on a diner’s menu, perhaps. But cottage cheese wants to shed that uncool, unappetizing image, and be more like its cooler dairy cousin, Greek yogurt. [More]

(Megan Schüirmann)

Kraft Recalls 1.3 Million Cases Of Cottage Cheese Due To Possible Early Disgustingness

Do you love cottage cheese? You may not love what happens to 1.3 million cases of Kraft cottage cheese that the company has recalled because they’re at an increased risk of spoilage. Affected brands include Knudsen, Breakstone’s, Simply Kraft, and Daily Chef. [More]