Tesla Accuses Former ‘Autopilot’ Manager Of Stealing Company Secrets

Between safety concerns and a tit-for-tat with a former supplier of parts for its assisted-driving system, Tesla’s Autopilot has been thrust into the spotlight numerous times in the last year. Now, the company is doing battle over the semi-autonomous feature again, this time suing a man who formerly worked as a manager for the division, claiming he stole company secrets to start his own self-driving company.  [More]

Mike Mozart

Walgreens Files Suit Against Former Partner Theranos

Theranos, the startup that shuttered its blood-testing business after losing its retail partnerships and facing stiff sanctions by federal regulators, is now facing another challenge, this time in the courtroom: Walgreens has reportedly filed a $140 million lawsuit against its one-time partner.  [More]


It turns out that weird evening bank verification call from AmEx was legit. Brandon wrote back, “After reading all the comments on Consumerist, it stoked my fear of fraud even more, so I called Amex security. They verified the call was legitimate and was from American Express. It was just poor customer service after all.”

Amex Wants To Play "Scam Call" With You, Please Participate

Amex Wants To Play "Scam Call" With You, Please Participate

Update: It turns out the call was legit.