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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Could Be Cheaper This Year Amid Big Cocoa Harvests

If you’re waiting until the last minute to run out and buy your sweetie some sweets ahead of Valentine’s Day tomorrow — or maybe you’re planning to treat yourself — you’ll probably be glad to hear that that box of chocolate hearts could be cheaper than it was last year. [More]


Filling Your Stocking With Chocolate May Be Cheaper This Year

If it’s not visions of sugar plums you see dancing in your head at Christmas, but images of chocolate Santa Clauses and reindeer, you’re in luck: cocoa prices are falling, which means chocolate is getting cheaper. [More]


Find The Nearest Chair, Sit Down: Chocolate Makers Warn Of Impending Global Shortage

As I write this, I am clutching a bag of individually wrapped chocolate morsels and imagining the most satisfying rationing plan I can think of, as panic threatens to seize my heart and throw me into a fit of anxiety. Yes, people, there’s a global chocolate shortage on the horizon, and it’s coming for you. [More]

Real Life Willy Wonka Cornering The Cocoa Market

Real Life Willy Wonka Cornering The Cocoa Market

Who wants to hear about boring old normal millionaires doing boring business deals when there’s a guy in London buying all the cocoa he can get his hands on and scaring all the other chocolate bar makers in his quest? Hedge fund manager Anthony Ward apparently has enough cocoa in his control to make more than five billion chocolate bars. Yum! [More]

Mars Breaks Rank, Promises Consumers It Will Keep Using Real Chocolate

Mars Breaks Rank, Promises Consumers It Will Keep Using Real Chocolate

On Monday, Mars Snackfoods US—makers of “pokin’ at you pokin’ at you” Snickers bars, M&Ms, and other popular office meal replacement systems—announced that it would not seek FDA permission to replace its cocoa butter with cheaper vegetable oil, which is what the rest of the industry is lobbying for. Okay, first of all, yech, just… vegetable oil? But second of all, yay for Mars for drawing a line somewhere on poor product quality.